Recreation Center – Gleannbury Pointe Drive

The Recreation Center on Gleannbury Pointe Drive features a 21-acre sports and athletics complex including a competition pool, sand volley ball court, baseball fields, soccer/lacrosse fields, basketball pavilion, and Veteran’s Memorial.  This is a highly active Recreation Center offering organized leagues for Football, Baseball, Lacrosse, Soccer, and Swimming.  To rent facilities at this recreation center visit the Field Rental web page or contact FSR at 281-225-8015.


Athletic Pool – 8 lane 25 yard competition pool

The pool at the Recreation Center located on Gleannbury Pointe Drive is used for the Gleannloch Farms Gators Swim Team, Masters Swim Program and FINS Training Program.  Schedules will adjust according to these teams’ events. If you have questions, contact FSR at 281-225-8015.

Rules of the Pool

Common sense applies when utilizing the Gleannloch Farms Pools, follow the posted rules.

Parents are responsible for the safety and care of their children at the pools. Lifeguards on duty are NOT babysitters, they are present to reinforce the rules of the pool, and ensure in water safety.

• Parents must closely supervise their children at all times. Remember, it only takes seconds for a child to drown. YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE AND ACCOUNTABLE.

• Do not dive in areas marked “NO DIVING”. Nearly 90 percent of all spinal injuries occur in the shallow end of the pool.

• Breath holding games can be very dangerous and may cause cardiac arrhythmia or seizures. Games like who can hold their breath the longest and swimming the longest distance underwater should be avoided at all times.

• Don’t allow children to play with or around the main drain. The main drain suction can be very powerful and has been known to cause severe injuries and in some cases death.

• Define a safe zone for your children where they can always touch the bottom. One of the most common saves a lifeguard must make is when a swimmer strays to an area that is too deep for them to stand.

• Access rules to the facility will be strongly enforced and are the responsibility of each member to understand and follow. It is a very awkward and uncomfortable situation for everyone when a lifeguard must ask a member to go back home to get the appropriate access tag.

• Remember that there are several different types of people who like to use the pool throughout the summer. Both young and old, everyone wants to have a good time.

Pool Schedule

Gleannloch Gators Swim Team
Information regarding the Gleannloch Gators Summer Swim Team can be found at



Field Rentals
To reserve the soccer and baseball fields select “Field Rentals” on the home page of the Gleannloch Farms website.



Sand Volley Ball Court

Court access is first come, first served.



Basketball Pavilion

Features full court play area, as well as family area grill.

To reserve the Pavilion, contact FSR at 281-225-8015.  Available for family parties, events, team outings.  Usage rules, rental fees, and other information available at the onsite community office near the Stables, or by calling FSR.

Veteran’s Memorial

Built as an Eagle Scout project, the memorial honors the men and women who have served to protect our country’s freedoms.